Fender Super Champ XD

Fender Super Champ XD
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  • Item #: 2304
  • Manufacturer: Fender
Our Super Champ™ XD takes the vintage Champ into a new era with classic styling, simple controls, a good variety of clean and distorted tones and unmistakable tube feel and performance at a remarkable price. Features include a real 15-watt tube amp combined with up-to-date extras including versatile amp voicing and superb DSP effects. Its solid-state overdrive and distortion eliminate many of the preamp tube problems that plague tube lovers while providing exemplary tones for rock, blues, country, jazz, metal and more.

  • Model Name: Super Champ™ XD
  • Series: Vintage Modified Amps
  • Amplifier Type: Hybrid Tube/Solid State Amplifier
  • Inputs: One
  • Auxiliary Input: 1/4" Footswitch Jack
  • Extension Speaker Jack: External Speaker Jack
  • Channels: Two (Normal and Amp Voice)
  • Power Handling: 15 watts (Class "AB")
  • Rectifier: Diode Rectifier
  • Controls: Volume 1, Channel Select Switch, Gain, Volume 2, Voice, Treble, Bass, FX Level, FX Select
  • Hardware: Chrome Amp Hardware
  • Cabinet Material: Black textured vinyl covering
  • Pilot Light Jewel: Red Amp Jewel
  • Handle: Molded Black Handle
  • Front Panel: "Blackface"™ Style Control Panel
  • Input Impedance: 1 M Input Impedance
  • Sensitivity: 50mV for 20 W into 8 Ohms @ 5 %THD
  • Amplifier Length: 9" (22.9 cm)
  • Amplifier Width: 17.5" (44.5 cm)
  • Amplifier Height: 15" (38.1 cm)
  • Amplifier Weight: 24 lbs. (10.9 kg)
  • Effects: Digital amp modeling & DSP effects
  • Speaker: One 10", 8-Ohm Special Design Speaker, p/n 0073858000
  • Speaker Impedance: 8 Ohm
  • Preamp Tubes: 1 x 12AX7
  • Power Tubes: 2 x 6V6
  • Footswitch: Uses 2-Button Footswitch for Channel Select F/X On/Off, p/n 0071359000, (Not Included)
  • Knobs: Skirted Amp Knobs

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